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Important consumer safety alert and inspection Procedure-August 22,2013

All M&P Shield firearms manufactured before August 19,2013.

Description of the hazard.
Smith & Wesson has identified a condition where the trigger bar pin could damage the lower trigger in certain M&P Shields in a way that may affect the functionally of the drop safety feature of the firearm, potentially allowing the pistol to discharge if it is dropped.

Any unintended discharge of a firearm has the potential to cause injury ,and we ask that you STOP USING YOUR PISTOL IMMEDIATELY UNTIL IT HAS BEEN INSPECTED AND,IF THE CONDITION IS FOUND ,REPAIRED.

If you have purchased this firearm from us within the time Smith and Wesson has stated please visit Smith & Wesson's web site and or call their customer service center to find out if you have one of these particular models in question. The number is...

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